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District Directory

Name Email Job Title Ext.
Richard Albo Custodian 3864
Riley Alderton Teacher, Grade 4 3231
Alex Alexander Technology Support Technician I
Katheen Allen Administrative Assistant 1449
Daniel Allen Maintenance Engineer, Carpentry
Michael Alston Maintenance Engineer, Plumbing
Irene Altman Teacher, Grade 1 3511
Dona Anderson Administrative Assistant 2802
Meaghan Anderson Interventionist 3417
Jennifer Anesi Teacher, Grade 2 3521
Brittany Armstrong Teacher, Grade 1 3311
Tim Arnold Principal 2801
Carol Arnold Instructional Specialist
Robert Aspen Teacher, Grade 7 2542
Renee Atencio Teacher, Grade 3
Jamie Aupperle Teacher, Grade 5 3550
Jason Austin Executive Director of Finance 1433
Amee Austin Interventionist
Dante Baken Teacher, Grade 4 3241
Michelle Baker Instructional Aide
Teri Baker District Registered Nurse 3355
Nelly Baltierrez Teacher, ELL 2830
William Bartholomew Technology Support Technician II
Dave Bastin Teacher, Grade 8 2821
Vickie Bates Instructional Aide
Roy Baxter Bus Driver
Keith Bayer Maintenance Engineer, HVAC
Megan Beagles Teacher, Grade 2 3217
Cindy Beckley Teacher, Special Education 3724
Megan Belatche Cafeteria Manager 2590
Danielle Belmont Teacher, Grade 7 2540
Katie Benner Teacher, Grade 2 3320
Sarah Berggren Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and Board
Andrea Berghoff Teacher, Gifted & Talented 3516
Lori Bewley Custodian 3766
Jackie Bierie Teacher, Grade 8 2536
Evelyn Black Teacher, Music 2812
Kate Blakely Teacher, Grade 1 3410
David Blau Counselor 2307
Christy Bloomquist Executive Director of Student Achievement 1420
Daniel Blythe Bus Mechanic 1808
Joe Boatwright
Adrea Bogle Speech Therapist
Anthony Bonanno Teacher, Grade 5 3251
Spike Bond Bus Driver
Amy Bonilla Administrative Assistant
Sherra Bornheim Teacher, Grade 1 3518
Karin Bowker Teacher, Grade 1 3310
Britte Bowman Teacher, Art 2825
Michol Brammer Assistant Principal
Aubrey Brasfield Teacher, Kindergarten
Gina Brazell Instructional Aide 2854
Candace Brendler Teacher, Grade 8 2819
Michael Breunig Teacher, Grade 7 2520
Evanthia Bromiley Teacher, Grade 4
Amber Brown Media Aide 2809
Beth Brunso Teacher, Grade 4 3540
Kristina Bruton Teacher, English 2081
Janice Bryan District Registered Nurse
J Burnite 2113

District at a Glance

  • Students: approx 4,500
  • Teachers: 294
    • 12 Years Avg Experience
    • 61% with Master's Degree
  • Support Staff: 193
  • Schools:
    • 7 Elementary Schools
    • 2 Middle Schools
    • 2 High Schools
    • Area Served: 1,039 sq miles

Our Mission

The mission of Durango School District 9-R, an innovative educational system committed to excellence, is to ensure each student develops the skills and attributes for lifelong learning and has the ability to compete and contribute in the global community, by guaranteeing equitable educational opportunities in a safe and healthy environment.

Sponsors and Partners